Wednesday, September 02, 2009

twitcurl - C++ twitter API library

twitcurl is an open-source pure C++ library for twitter REST APIs. Currently, it has support for most of the twitter APIs and it will be updated to support all the APIs. twitcurl uses cURL library for handling HTTP requests and responses. Building applications using twitcurl is quite easy:
  1. Compile twitcurl source files (twitcurl.h and twitcurl.cpp) and link with cURL library (libcurl.lib) to build twitcurl.lib
  2. Include twitcurl.h in your twitter based application and link to twitcurl.lib and libcurl.lib/libcurl.dll.
  3. Instantiate an object of twitCurl class and use the twitter API wrappers that are exposed as public methods.
twitcurl works on all OS (Windows, Linux, Mac etc.) as it is written completely in C++ and the only dependency is cURL (which works on all OSes mentioned earlier). More info about the twitcurl library along with an example program is available here: